Seeking therapy is a courageous step towards change. It reflects your desire and readiness to tackle challenges and learn how to maneuver around the barriers that are keeping you from fully participating in your life.


Whether you are struggling with lifelong patterns or adjusting to a new and unexpected change in your life, the presence of a compassionate supportive therapist can help immensely with the process. So much of our suffering stems from our struggles with love and loss and our attempts to find a balance between our sense of identity and our desire to belong. A warm positive connection between you and your therapist can provide a safe space to discuss uncomfortable feelings.


Carrying feelings of loneliness, guilt, and shame can change the way we view ourselves and participate in relationships. I believe that when we are not at peace with who we are, we feel confused, broken, and disconnected from our lives. In our work together, we will explore and get curious about what is holding you back from moving forward and we will work on empowering you to make the changes needed to meet your individual goals and increase your capacity to enjoy life.